Vincent Bonin et Conal McStravick
May 15, 2023
The essays in this dossier are expanded versions of talks given by Conal McStravick and Vincent Bonin at a panel discussion and a screening at the Cinémathèque Québécoise on 1 August 2022.
Mount Fuji Seen from a Moving Train is a tessitura woven from various threads of my life. It is the intersection of all the personal and artistic currents that make up my life’s experiences.
Karine Savard
April 15, 2021
By focusing on documentary videos or militant pamphlets showing the demands of workers in the 1970s-1990s, this essay offers an analysis of new ways of working and invites us to revisit the legacy of solidarity and of mobilization stemming from the working-class culture.
Georges Privet
September 24, 2019
An overview of Pierre Falardeau and Julien Poulin video work.
This text is the result of a research and curatorial residency by the collective of projectionists Le Sémaphore at Vidéographe in the fall of 2017.
Nayla Dabaji
December 13, 2017
Artist Nayla Dabaji talks about her work.
Nicole Gingras
November 23, 2017
marshalore, a multidisciplinary artist, discovered video in the mid-1970s. She went on to create single-channel videos, performance pieces and installations incorporating video and other media.
An assessment of the work of Groupe Épopée.
Pierre Brault
April 11, 2017
Pierre Hébert
April 11, 2017