Digital publications

[ Fig. 01 ] <i>My Dinner with Weegee</i>, 2001.

Body-to-Body: the Works of Donigan Cumming brings together the 26 videos of Donigan Cumming, essays by Zoë Tousignant and Fabrice Montal, an interview with Jean Perret, photographs, drawings, collages, as well as images and soundscapes of his installations .

[ Fig. 01 ] <i>Le voyage de l'ogre</i> (video still), 1981.

This publication includes three new essays by Luc Bourdon, Alexis Lemieux and Denis Vaillancourt, the 16 videos Paradis made, and a rich selection of previously unseen personal documents.

The history of video art is intrinsically linked to Vidéographe’s history. The centre evolved alongside new tools and methodologies and it has facilitated the development of new technical and artistic possibilities ever since. For an ever-growing number of artists, Vidéographe’s 50 years represent as many years of experimentation, exploration and innovation. The original experimenters have become established artists, indeed trailblazers of video creation.