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Anne Golden is a prolific artist who has produced close to 90 videos since 1991. Her approach to the moving image is influenced by documentary, fiction, and experimental cinema.

In her first videos, she deals with documentary form and intervention videos. Her videographic work Les Autres (1991) is worth mentioning as it sets forth a series of bilingual interviews with women who discuss media and scientific reticence surrounding AIDS and safe sex among women.

This was followed by more narrative works, experimental fictions dealing with feminist issues, the lesbian body, sensuality, androgyny, and in which the artist often stages herself, of which Fat Chance (1994), Big Girl Town (1998), Brothers (1998), Les Aventures de Poney Girl (2000) and Somme (2006) are telling examples.

The year 2018 marked a significant turning point for Golden, as she started working exclusively with films from the Prelinger Archives available online. Her vision of the moving image, as a historian and archaeologist, as a lover of film and video art, and her interest in Hollywoodian codes guide her towards the creation of vibrant and unsettling works in which a gesture, an action, a look are brought to our attention.

With a growing body of work that currently includes nearly 60 titles, Anne Golden is part of a flourishing trend: the return to archive footage. The singularity of her approach lies in the fact that she maintains a critical, political, feminist, and resolutely affectionate perspective on this found footage, which is now available on Internet and which she reassigns to different narrative, identity, and political functions.

Anne Golden’s work as a whole embodies and catalyzes genre hybridity and mobility and aesthetic approaches, as well as transfers from one medium to another, not to mention the technological transformations of image and sound we undoubtedly witness.


- Excerpt from the presentation text, written by Nicole Gingras, for Anne Golden's nomination for the Robert Forget 2022 Award.



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