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Dominique Sirois-Rouleau

A prolific artist, a respected curator, a teacher and a committed cultural worker, Anne Golden has worn different hats and offered varied perspectives on video art for almost 40 years. She received the Robert-Forget Award 2022, and this publication, produced as part of that award, celebrates her important work and her significant contribution to the community.

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Golden’s unique approach, at the crossroads of documentary, fiction, and experimental cinema, is rooted in feminist and political engagement. Her critical perspective on the narrative and political functions of the image and its relationship with identity is as apparent in her videos and writings as in her involvement with women artists on the Montréal, Quebec, and Canadian scenes. A leading and well-respected figure in the independent video community, Golden has contributed to the recognition of the field and of feminist and lesbian perspectives by supporting their dissemination to diverse audiences. She is Art Director at Groupe Intervention Vidéo (GIV) and teaches in the Media Arts department at John Abbott College.

Golden’s work has been shown at numerous festivals, galleries and museums in Quebec, Canada and internationally, and she has participated in a number of panels on curatorial practices, independent distribution and, more recently, horror movies.

Her interview with artist and curator Nicole Gingras not only highlights the richness of Golden’s work in its own right, but also her research and social involvement. Gina Cortopassi offers an exhaustive analysis of the artist’s body of work and brings to light the critical and humorous characteristics that distinguish this prolific and on-going production. Annaëlle Winand takes a more personal approach, sharing her own opinion and that of those close to the artist, and discussing different perspectives on Golden’s contribution to video art through three major works.

These diverse and sensitive approaches reveal the plurality of Golden’s work with a generosity to match that shown by the artist towards her peers.


Dominique Sirois-Rouleau




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